CF 531
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Motor power: 4,0 PS/HP (3,0 kW)
Year of construction: 2016
Motor voltage: 1x 230 V
motor frequency: 60 Hz
Outrigger table (size): 1100 mm
Outrigger : Yes
Crosscut fence: 2600 mm
Sliding Table: 2050 mm
Scoring unit-Ø: 80 mm
Scoring unit: Yes
Tilting spindle moulder: 90-45 degrees
Spindle moulder fence: MULTI-Fine Adjustment System

Special features and details

The Felder CF 531 combo machine perfectly integrates performance, versatility, and ease of use with a solid build quality into one machine. If you have a small space you can carry out professional, planing, thicknessing, spindle, saw and even mortising work. Comes with Helical cutter for jointer and planer. Lightly used.

This previously owned machine offers
- Extra riving knife, dado blade, mortise table, sliding table handles, molder knife set
- Both short and long sliding table fence, sliding table hold down, two shaper spindles,
- Sanding drum for shaper

Total price: $12,500.00
For serious inquires or questions please call: 910-508-4446 or email at: [email protected]


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