C3 31 Comfort
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Motor power: 4,0 PS/HP (3,0 kW)
Year of construction: 2006
Motor voltage: 1x 230 V
Outrigger table (size): 1100 mm
Outrigger : Mitre index with length compensation
Crosscut fence: 1300 mm
Sliding Table: 2000 mm
Tiltable saw unit: 90-45 degrees
Scoring unit-Ø: 80 mm

Special features and details

Compact dimensions without sacrificing performance and versatility.

A limited work space does not have to mean that what you can expect from a combination ­machine is also “limited”. Quite the contrary, your ­Hammer C3 31 combination machine satisfies the greatest demands, in the smallest space with perfect results!

Machine is in NJ area, for interest or questions about the machine or shipping please email: [email protected]

This machine listing includes:
Spindle Adaptor set #500-109
Edging Shoe #500-109
Rebate Head #500-04-002
(2) Collet Chucks #01.4.226 #01.4.218


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Private offer
Hibernia, NJ

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