c-express 920
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Technical specifications

Motor power: 3,3 PS/HP (2,4 kW)
Year of construction: 2013
Motor voltage: 3x 230 V
motor frequency: 60 Hz

Special features and details

FORMAT-4 c-express 920 classic – No more doing things by half!

The new c-express 920 classic Format-4 CNC drilling and milling center, carries out all repeat drill and simple milling work efficiently and precise, all in record time. Developed with the smaller workshops in mind, the c-express 920 classic offers a sensational price/performance ratio. Uncompromised development at Felder ensures you profitable CNC productivity. At the touch of a button, repeat drilling work programs can be loaded and reused. This ensures that CNC controlled cabinet production is a profitable option for every workshop, regardless of space constraints.

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