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Technical specifications

Motor power: 5,5 PS/HP (4,0 kW)
Year of construction: 2010
Motor voltage: 3x 230 V
motor frequency: 60 Hz
Sliding Table: 2800 mm
angle adjustment spindle moulder: Electrical
Spindle moulder fence: MULTI-Fine Adjustment System

Special features and details

Very good condition saw-shaper by FELDER

Machine can include:

Saw unit with double trunnion
Removable flange for dado blade
Dial for saw blade angle in handwheel
EURO II saw guard
Circular saw fence with fine adjustment
Electrical system KF700S 3x230V, 60Hz, 4.0kW
Scoring unit with motor 1 HP (0.75 kW)
Scoring blade cover
Spindle moulder unit with double trunnion,
Moulder spindle D-1 1/4"shaft
Dial for spindle moulder angle in handwheel
Spindle moulder fence "240"
MULTI-fine adjustment system for shaper hood
Fence Plates
EURO II guard for spindle moulder fence
Sliding table, Table length 2800 mm
Electrical ON switch station with scoring unit
Outrigger table
Inch scales for crosscut fence
Cutting width 1250 mm
Rip saw scale in inch

Final Machine price by itself: $8,500.00
Offer Purchase package with all accessories: $14,205.00
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