finish 1350 C-G
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Technical specifications

Motor power: 27,19 PS/HP (20,0 kW)
Year of construction: 2018
Motor voltage: 3x 230 V
motor frequency: 60 Hz

Special features and details

Showroom model - Year: 2018 Warehouse clearance
Finish sander for fine veneer sanding and inter coat sanding
Combination super finishing aggregate
Cross sanding belt

This is the best deal of the year / Only 1 machine available

Price includes delivery (no rigging) and installation

Sanding width: 1350mm
Sanding height: 3-170mm
Touch Screen with 100 programs
Variable belt speed - 2.8-20 m/min
Workpiece recognition sensor with 25 sensors, 55mm segments

Cross sanding belt with segmented sanding pad + Chevron belt system
Combination super finish aggregate + Chevron belt system
ESC sanding shoe

Variable pressure controls from the operators side

Extra options included:

100 Lacquer sanding package
15 Vacuum table with 4kW (5,5 HP) suction
20 Fold away working table on the infeed s
19 Fold away working table on the outfeed
21 Pressurised air cleaning module with timer
22 Var.cutting speed control 2.4-19m/s
23 Var.cutting speed control 2.4-19m/s
25 Scotch-Brite brush equipment on outfeed


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